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"These Quarks want us dead. I want them gone from this planet. Let's get to it, shall we ?"

—William Corec III, during Kusnathogom Inc's inauguration speech.

Kusnathogom Inc (also called KSN Inc) is a private military company founded in Shelter 7 by a man named William Corec III, to succeed to the kingdom of Kusnathogom that fell during the war against the Quarks.

Mirroring its predecessor, the PMC is "led by a king, but ruled by its people". In other words, William Corec III is like a banner people gather under, while his subordinates actually take the important decisions. However, William is still very much able to use his power, and take control if needed.

While it works closely with the World Defense Force, Kusnathogom Inc is nonetheless an independent force, self-sufficient enough to be able to cut all ties with the WDF at a moment's notice, just like how Kusnathogom was able to go "off the grid" for millennia in the past. Part of that might can be attributed to the technological contributions of Dr Phineas Enhg, an external scientist working for the company.


William Corec III

"I'm a warrior. Not because there's an enemy to fight. Not because it's my duty. I'm a warrior because I don't want anyone else to be one."

—William Corec III, talking about himself.

Gender Male
Age 25 years old
Height 190cm (around 6'3")
Weight 68kg (around 150lbs)
Hair Dark blond, shoulder-length
Eyes Blue
Status Single
WWPHITM? Guillaume Jacquemin. Duh.

William is a rather mysterious man. What's known about him is that he's the last surviving member of his bloodline, a descendant of the dragon Corec, and he founded Kusnathogom Inc. Some people say they never saw him age, that he might have been born way before the war, or even that he's actually a dragon, though there obviously isn't any evidence to back their claims.

He might seem cold and distant publicly, but he cares a lot about his subordinates, and has a strong trusting relationship with the people in his inner circle.

In his own words, he's "a beast of war, and a man of peace". A follower of Corec's teachings, he's a capable and brutal warrior with both the sword and spear, a cunning strategist, and a charismatic diplomat wanting to bring peace to the world, though the Quarks weren't very receptive to that last part.

However, his more offensive skill set proved to be extremely useful in battle against the invaders, as the M.A.S.S.es' control system allowed William to fight the Quarks "himself", and slowly but ruthlessly thin their numbers.

Last but not least, he's the current owner of the Soulheart, a weapon built to be "the ideal weapon", as it can morph into different weapon shapes and have different elemental effects based on the body, mind, heart, and soul of its wielder. In William's hands, it can take the shape of either a dagger, longsword, or a spear, but is element-less for some reason.

Dragon form

Get rid of all inner conflicts in your body, mind, soul, and heart. By having no conflicts within, you'll be able to focus entirely on the conflict without.

—William's dragon form, talking to its host.

Gender Male
Age 25 years old (same as host)
Height 191cm (around 6'3")
Weight Unknown
Hair N/A
Eyes Black, with a trace of purple
Status Single
WWPHITM? Guillaume Jacquemin (mocap, voice)

William's dragon form is a mystery not even Enhg, with his vast knowledge on dragons and dragonbloods, can elucidate.

The form is that of a male anthropomorphic dragon, nearly as tall as William is. It is covered in black soft scales, with the tip of its tail, the back of its left hand, his chest, and around half of its face being covered in rougher white scales. The appearance as a whole is reminiscent of Quarks, but according to Enhg's previous research on dragons, it might merely be due to the ongoing war against the alien creatures influencing the form, not due to exposure to void particles or similar.

While it is a part of William, similarly to all dragonbloods' dragon forms, it's also a somewhat separate entity with its own mind and will. Because of that, William can't switch to it at all, and is entirely reliant on the dragon form using its magic when needed. Also, William seems to treat his inner dragon like a separate person, to the point he refers to it using male pronouns.

The dragon form is mute, which requires it to communicate with its host using telepathy, while William can freely talk with it either through thoughts when awake, or by speaking normally when the two spend time with each other in a dreamscape.

There's a rumour that the inner dragon might be infatuated with William, but so far, nothing denies or confirms it.

Phineas Enhg

"I was there, back when the Quarks first attacked. They were fierce, though Kusnathogom was fiercer. Sadly, it wasn't enough, as they greatly outnumbered us. But, let me tell you this: the kingdom fell before the Dragon Knights did."

—Enhg, talking about the war.

Gender Male
Age Unknown (looks 50-something)
Height 179cm (around 5'10")
Weight 76kg (around 168lbs)
Hair Greying black, a bit shorter than neck-length
Eyes Grey
Status Widower

Phileas Enhg is a medical doctor that joined Shelter 7 around five years before the foundation of Kusnathogom Inc. He did not go unnoticed, as he never hid the fact he was one of the first citizens of the kingdom of Kusnathogom, many millennia ago. While the shelter's inhabitants originally thought he was lying, his claims were proven to be true following the recent retrieval of Kusnathogom's archives by William.

He never ran out of stories to tell about his past, which includes how he was (and still is) fascinated by dragons, the experiment that gave him dragon-like immortality, his time as a close advisor to Corec, the friction with William Corec I and II (who were the second and third rulers of Kusnathogom, respectively), or even the war against the Quarks. This didn't escape William's attention, and the two became close friends.

Enhg is not only a medical doctor, but also an expert in technology, and decided to help William once he heard about the latter's plans to start a PMC. While his role is officially that of an external tech consultant, he's effectively just as much a part of Kusnathogom Inc as William is, and spent a lot of time improving M.A.S.S. technology using his past research.

Enhg has a strong desire for revenge, as his wife and three daughters were killed on the first day of the fateful battle between Kusnathogom and the Quarks. As a result, his research is strongly and unusually focused on anti-Quark weaponry, and he almost never takes a break from work, even to sleep.

Side note: no one actually knows if Enhg's first name is Phineas or Phileas. Not even himself, as he uses either name when introducing himself to people. Thus, most people call him by his last name only.

Alexander von Einzberg

"Welcome to the First World Bank, mister Corec and miss Stormtrail. You both know who I am, but I'll introduce myself again. I'm baron Alexander von Einzberg, loyal servant of the kingdom of Kusnathogom."

—von Einzberg, talking to William and Reina.

Gender Male
Age Unknown (looks 70-something)
Height 175cm (around 5'9")
Weight 73kg (around 161lbs)
Hair Light grey, short
Eyes Brown
Status Married to Amelia Itsuo
WWPHITM? Max von Sydow, or an older Ralph Fiennes

Baron Alexander von Einzberg is an old friend of Corec, and perhaps one of the kingdom of Kusnathogom's most loyal people. He's just human, but he was granted powers by Corec and Corec II, allowing him to survive through multiple eras, including the war with the Quarks.

A child of the modest von Einzberg family, his admiration for Corec began when the dragon saved him from a group of bullies who had turned violent, back when he was ten years old. The young dragon (sixteen years old at the time) decided to care for Alexander like an older brother would, and the two quickly became close friends.

When he swore loyalty to Corec, Alexander chose to become an informant for Kusnathogom. Thanks to this relationship, the kingdom was able to get priority access to the juicy stuff, though the broker still dealt with other parties (except if the requested info was on Kusnathogom or its people).

During an exploration of the Earth's lower layers with William Corec II, von Einzberg supposedly made a discovery that was rumoured to surpass his massive network of connections. While there is no definite evidence of such a thing happening, the baron is nonetheless able to produce information no one should be able to know.

He's happily married to Amelia Itsuo, his secretary and bodyguard, who met him for the first time in the 2010s AD, as he was establishing a business in the field of adult entertainment to use as a front.

While he's a non-violent person himself, due to never learning how to fight, he's not afraid of getting other people's hands bloody, including his own wife's, should push come to shove.

Today, Alexander's front is an important bank located in shelter 1, called the First World Bank.

Side note: the 'x' in "Alexander" is pronounced "gz", not "ks".

Amelia Itsuo

"She's from the Itsuo bloodline. The most extensive draconic bloodline, with so many branches no one wouldn't be able to keep track of them all alone. No one except me, of course."

—von Einzberg, talking about his wife.

Gender Female
Age Unknown (looks 40/50-something)
Height 170cm (around 5'7")
Weight 63kg (around 139lbs)
Hair Silver, hip-length, braided
Eyes Dark brown
Status Married to Alexander von Einzberg

Amelia Itsuo is a dragonblood from one of the Itsuo bloodline's numerous branches.

When she met Alexander in the 2010s AD, she had applied to a job offer he posted asking for a secretary for his upcoming front. She managed to exceed all expectations, and was hired on the spot.

During an attempt against von Einzberg's life a few years later, she revealed her nature as a dragonblood and neutralised the attackers, before taking care of her employer and healing him all by herself. The two fell in love during that time, and they married as soon as Alexander's condition allowed it.

Since then, Amelia also became her husband's enforcer, for those situations that require a more forceful approach. Much to her spouse's dismay, it revealed that her gentle behaviour turns into pure sadism, and thus she enjoys such jobs a little too much.

Her skills allowed Amelia to be invited into the Wings of Justice. While she accepted, she only considered it as a side job, and only did around half a dozen missions in her lifetime. Despite that, she still feels an attachment to the order, and sometimes dons their standard issue equipment in combat situations.

Amelia and Alexander are still happily married to this day, but chose to continue displaying an employer-employee relationship publicly.

M.A.S.S. designs

Kusnathogom Inc's designs are all related to dragons and the kingdom of Kusnathogom. While two designs, the Corec Mk1 and Mk2 units, are already in use, two others, codenamed "Wing of Justice" and "Dragon Knight", are in the design phase. There are also rumours that William is working on a fifth design, but nothing definitive has turned up.

More information on the KSN Inc design page.


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