KSN Inc lore » The Bloody Kingdom » A Dragon's Warmth

Ugh... can't wait to get some rest. What about you, dragon ?

To be honest, me too.

I'm surprised to hear you're tired, not gonna lie. Maybe your exhaustion is linked to mine ?

Maybe. Hey, want to meet tonight ? We could chat a bit.

No flirty tone this time ? I'm surprised.

Don't worry, that was just when I wanted to tease you.

I know, but still. Anyway, I accept your offer.

Then I'll be waiting. See you later!

Later, dragon.

I enter my room, then I quickly undress before going straight to the bathroom for a shower.

I can feel my naked body relax as soon as the hot water starts running.

I'd like to take a shower at least once. Judging by how your body feels, it seems nice.

Yeah, it is. Not gonna lie, there are things I wish you could experience at least once. Food and drinks, chilling on the couch while watching a movie, playing video games, that kind of stuff...

And to be honest, it sure would beat living alone.

I feel you there. Outside of our two meetings so far, I've always been alone here.

Tonight, you won't be. And I'll visit you regularly if that's what you want. Not every day, though. Last night was restless for me, and I hope I won't have any of those again.

I understand. But, we'll see what happens tonight.

I turn the faucet off, go put some sleepwear on, then move back into the next room to eat some microwave food. Not the most healthy thing, but it's all I can manage today.

My bed welcomes me in its comfy embrace. Time to see you again, dragon.

~ ~ ~

That black void again. Though, is it really a void ?

Welcome back, William!

My inner dragon gives me a surprise hug, and I hug him back.

"Damn, I'll never get tired of that."

Hugging me ?

"No, the feeling of your scales upon my skin."

Wait, my skin ?

I look down.

"Have I always been naked each time I was here ?"


"Huh. I never realised."

Hey, I'm naked too, don't worry about it too much.

"Well, in the outside world, for humans, wearing clothes is the norm. Nakedness is usually reserved for stuff like cleaning oneself, or very intimate moments."

To be honest, it's not like I've had to worry about that. I guess I could make an extra layer of scales, to hide what I have down there.

Also, by very intimate, you're talking about sex, right ?

"Yeah. I'll be honest, it's something I never did so far. Neither casually nor as part of a romantic relationship. And I never had a romantic relationship either. But, I did watch pornography, so I have a bit of knowledge, even if porn is intended to be entertainment."

Damn. Didn't you have a crush or anything like that ?

"What were you doing all this time before roughly a week ago, for you to be so unaware ?"

Mostly sleeping. But, you haven't answered my question.

"Nope, never had a crush."

I look at my companion. Now that I think about it, he's beautiful, caring, fun to be with, my heart skips a beat whenever I hug him, and tonight's kinda like a date, in a way.

I've never really cared about guys, but, it's still worth a try, no ?

"Actually, there might be one."

Who is it ?

His eyes and mine meet, and I willingly keep silent.

So ?

I still don't say anything, and continue staring.

Will you ans- oh. Oh!

If he could blush, his face would be very red by now.

"It took you a bit of time to finally understand."

I grin widely.

You can't be serious, can you ?

"Well, to be honest, I kinda realised just now, but I love everything about you. And that flirty tone of yours earlier today sure didn't help."

I... didn't really expect that. It's just... kinda sudden. And, it feels a bit weird, too.

"Weird ?"

Well, I do love you too. It's just that I never expected you'd return those feelings, and-

I take him in my arms and kiss him.

"You were talking a bit too much."

You jerk.

He smiles even as he says that.

"You didn't seem to mind it, though."

It felt nice, yeah. Please, kiss me once more.

"Only once ?"

Well, maybe a few times more.

"Also, why don't you give kissing a try too, instead of being kissed ?"

Unlike humans, dragons don't really have lips. But, I'll do my best.

The first attempt is awkward.


"Come on, try again."

The second is better. Still a bit awkward, but better nonetheless. Though, I actually don't even know what would be decent for a dragon.

Wait, I think I got this.

His third attempt is... actually good. Damn, now I'm even more in love.

"Yes, you do, you cute little beast."

Hey, I'm not little!

"Weird that you take offence to that part, and not the rest."

You got me there.

This time, we kiss each other. And on top of that, our fingers are intertwining, too.

We stop after a few minutes.

"Want to go further, dragon ?"

Well, it's my first time, so...

"That makes two of us. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll both do fine. We'll just need to take it slow."

I smile, which helps him relax a bit.

I'll trust you.

"If, at any point, you want to stop, just say it, and I'll stop. You ready ?"

Yes, William.

"First, please lie down."

He does so without a second thought.

I start kissing his body, starting from his chest.

As I get lower, I put a hand on his dick and start slowly caressing it.


"You even moan telepathically ? I'm sure I heard you yelp normally when I hugged you the very first time we met."

I can do small sounds, but it's difficult for me. Using telepathy is way easier.

"So, is there hope for you to be able to speak normally, one day ?"


"I have an idea. Why don't you try moaning normally, instead of using telepathy ? A bit of practice should be good, right ?"

I'll try.

I resume my stroking.

I hear a very faint moan, but not in my head this time. I look at my inner dragon and smile, to encourage him to continue.

His shaft is getting harder. Damn, it's big. It looks slightly bigger than mine, and mine's a rather nice 8 inches long.

He keeps moaning, a bit louder this time. It's still faint, but not as much.

It feels good. Oh, sorry.

"Sorry for what ?"

Using telepathy again...

"Your moans are still coming from your mouth, though, and you can keep using telepathy for talking."

I kiss his tip.

His body shudders, and a louder sound escapes his mouth. I wonder if I could make him go even louder.

I continue kissing and jerking his cock.

Then I switch from kissing to licking. It tastes... actually, I don't know how I'd describe it.

His reactions become stronger.

I put his tip in my mouth, and start sucking, making sure my teeth don't scrape or otherwise get in the way. He's on the thick side of things, too, so I don't think I'll be able to take the whole thing in. Still, I do my best.

His rod is throbbing slightly in my mouth, and his moans got louder too. Still, I think my inner dragon can go further than that.

I vary how I suck it, and sometimes switch to licking, to make sure he gets the most pleasure.

The throbbing gets more intense. Seems like he's getting closer.

He puts a hand on my head, but doesn't push.


His whole body stiffens, and I pull away just in time, as a small stream of semen gushes out from his dick.


He's panting. Another smaller stream leaves his body.

...felt... quite good...

"For first timers, looks like we both did good. You didn't give up moaning through your mouth too. I'm proud of you, dragon."

I pat his head and kiss him.

Thanks, William. I love you.

"I love you too."

He snaps his fingers, and the cum on him disappears.

~ ~ ~

To be honest, I feel kinda bad about what just happened.

"Why ?"

Because, I'm the only one that felt good.

"That's what I wanted. But, I won't stop you if you want to do that to me too."

I lay on my back so he can return the favour.

Are you sure ? I mean, my mouth, and especially my teeth, aren't the same as a human's.

"Take it slow at first. I'll tell you if anything's wrong."


He puts his hand on my already-hard dick, and grips before starting to stroke it.

"Your grip position is good, but try tightening it a bit."

Like this ?


His motion could use some improvement, but he'll get there. It does feel nice, though.

Still, he doesn't use his mouth at all. I guess he really is worried about hurting me.

I straighten up a bit and put a finger under his chin.

"That mouth of yours is a bit empty."

Was it that noticeable ?

"Yeah. Please, dragon. Try at least once. Don't worry, and take it slow. Again, I'll tell you if there's anything wrong."

He finally gets down there, opens his mouth, and starts licking.

"Oh, that feels nice. By the way, don't be afraid to suck either."

His mouth lowers.

At first, I don't notice anything in particular. Then, his tongue wraps around my cock.

"Oh, fuck!"

Did I do something wrong ?

"Quite the contrary."

Damn. You scared me for a moment.

I pat his head.

"Sorry for that. Please, go on."

The cute dragon resumes working on my shaft. Fuck, he's so good I can't keep my voice in.

Looks like I'm not the only one who makes cute moans.

"Yours are cute. Mine aren't."

We have almost the same voice, dummy.

After maybe twenty or thirty seconds, I sense a wave of pleasure is on the way.

"I'm close, dragon."

Unlike me, he doesn't pull away, and takes it all in his mouth.

"Damn, that felt good. But I think you cheated with your tongue."

Well, my teeth would have made it very hard to suck your dick like you did with mine, so I had to use it.

"You got a point there."

Also, semen tastes weird.

"I heard sexual fluids can taste differently depending on what the person eats. Why did you swallow, though ?"

I kinda wanted to one-up you, even though I didn't really like the idea of swallowing.

I sigh.

"You don't have to do something you don't like, dragon. What I told you about consent, that you could withdraw it at any time... it also applies to yourself if you don't like what you want to do."

Lesson learned.

"I mean, if you want, I could start eating tastier food, like fruit, before visiting you. Maybe it'll help."

Seems I got his attention, as I can see a spark in his eye.

That could be worth a try.

"And I could try swallowing too next time, so we can be even. And after that, we could also go further too."

What would come after, if you don't mind me asking ?

"You'll see. Anyway, I'm really getting tired. Mind if I use you as a pillow while waiting to be brought back to my bed ?"

I don't.

I kiss him.

"Good night, you cute beast. I love you."

He kisses me back.

"I love you too, you cute human. And good night to you too."

I lay my head on his chest.

I notice something.

"By the way, you compliment my warmth, but you're not cold yourself."

A dragon's warmth isn't the same as a human's, though.

"Not in a bad way."

I close my eyes.