Poems » I do

It was a very special day.
There was a wedding
At the local town hall.
Many people were there.

I was wearing my best suit,
She was wearing a dress.
I looked around,
Then I saw her friends.

They were the members
Of her former literature club.
I thought they were deleted,
But they were present.

Childhood friends
Had become lovers.
Bitter enemies
Had become best friends.

Their cheers were directed
Towards the two lovers
That were about to be married.
It warmed my heart.

The town's mayor
Began his speech.
He asked the two lovers
The fateful question.

The groom answered with "I do".
The bride answered with "I do".
They each put a wedding ring
On the other's finger.

The mayor said to the groom:
"You may kiss the bride".
Two pair of lips met.
Husband and wife were kissing.

Everyone cheered,
Except two people.
I was her husband,
She was my wife.

As my lips parted from hers,
I took one final look
At my left hand.
Then I woke up.


  • A dream-based poem. The dream happened some time between "My world" and "My world (Act 2)", but I only wrote the poem way after.
  • Among the people present in the dream, all of the other characters from DDLC were there. The "childhood friends" are Sayori and MC, and the "bitter enemies" are Natsuki and Yuri.