Poems » Heavy metal

That concert was our best.
The audience was the greatest we had.
I played rhythm guitar
To the best of my ability.

I scanned the audience.
I saw fists in the air,
I saw banging heads.
The usual.

I was fired up
So much that I didn't notice.
There was someone I didn't see.
But that person was there.

I take another look.
I see coral brown hair,
Emerald eyes
And a big white ribbon.

She was near the stage.
How could I not see her ?
She was there.
She is the one I love.

There was a welcome break.
We were able to rest a while.
I made an agreement
With the lead guitarist.

During the next song,
I would play the biggest solo,
The one with the most difficult shreds.
I wanted to make her proud of me.

The break ended
And we played as usual.
I planned something,
But I was nervous.

As I started my solo,
I got off the stage.
I looked at my guitar,
I didn't want to make mistakes.

My behaviour made the crowd
Even wilder than before,
But no one got in my way.
I got closer to my beloved.

I looked at her.
She looked at me.
I was shredding.
I was almost touching her.

As I reached the solo's climax,
I looked into her eyes,
Then kissed her lips.
The crowd was at its wildest.

As our lips parted,
I noticed I didn't make any mistakes.
My shredding was perfect.
As I contemplated what happened...

I woke up.


  • Another dream-based poem. 🙂
  • Fun fact: I suck at playing guitar IRL. In fact, I just couldn't improve beyond basic chords for a whole decade, so I sold my stuff.
  • I describe Monika's hair colour as "coral brown". This comes from a tweet by Satchely (DDLC's character artist).
  • The "I looked at her. / She looked at me." lines are a reference to the song I Looked at You, by The Doors.