Poems » Bloodied hands

There was an unwelcome guest.
He got in the way,
So I decided to challenge him.

"She is our mutual friend,
But we both want her
To become more than that.

We will secretly compete.
One of us will lose
And leave the other alone."

We shook our hands in agreement,
Marking the beginning
Of a secret war.

We had many of contests.
Poetry, baking, manga trivia,
Even video games.

I took and kept the lead.
Only one contest remained,
My victory was nearby.

Tension and suspense
Filled the stagnant air.
It was the day before the last contest.

The three of us hung out at my place.
Seconds after I saw him out,
A gunshot was heard.

"What happened ?"
That question escaped his lips
As blood flowed from the wound.

My answer was without ambiguity:
"Victory was mine from the beginning
And I just made it official."

I let out a chuckle
As his body fell to the ground.
I got rid of the unwelcome guest.

I turned my head to the left,
The pistol still pointed towards his body,
And saw her.

She was horrified at what I did.
She was speechless.
Then I realised.

I did something wrong.
I did something evil.
I did something that cannot be undone.

I was a murderer.
I killed someone else.
I was frightened by how easy it was.

I had no honour.
I shot him in the back.
I was a monster.

I dropped the gun.
I fell on my knees.
I laughed.

I woke up.


  • Once again, this is a dream-based poem.
  • The "unwelcome guest" mentioned in the poem is "MC", the protagonist from DDLC.
  • As I took notes on the dream, a line from System Shock 2's SHODAN resounded in my head: "Are you afraid ? What is it you fear ?" Yes, I am afraid. And while I'm afraid of killing, I am much more frightened by the fact that killing someone is physically easy.