Poems » Lock and load

Lock and load, drawn by SecondaryEminence.
Fanart commissioned by me from SecondaryEminence.

It was one of those strange days.
I even thought I was dreaming.
A private military company
Hired me for a mission.

The op was simple:
Sneak in a well-guarded compound,
Plant C4 charges at vital points,
Sneak out.

Monika was beside me,
Her ponytail floating freely in the wind.
She was incredibly carefree,
Yet she was the best.

Lock and load.
Guns ready.
Cloaking devices engaged,
Safeties off.

We moved in,
Did our duty.
The cloaks failed
On the way out.

With everyone on full alert,
The bullets started to dance.
With precise aim,
We took down our foes.

We escaped safely.
Or at least that's what we thought.
We suffered one casualty:
There was a bullet hole in Monika's ribbon.


  • Another poem based on a dream. Not gonna lie, that was one of the weirdest dreams I had.
  • Monika was very out of character in that dream. In DDLC, Monika clearly says that she doesn't want to kill people ("It's not like I could ever actually kill a person... Just the thought of it makes me shiver."). Maybe she killed because she knew it was a dream, and that the enemies were just NPCs. Who knows ?
  • Yes, in the dream, the only "friendly casualty" was her ribbon. Yes, my imagination is weird. Deal with it. 😎
  • My dream was inspired by stories taking place "twenty minutes into the future", where everything is mostly the same as in our world, except that advanced techs (like nanomachines, flying cars, or cloaking devices) are commonplace and (mostly) reliable. After all, if everything was perfectly reliable, the dream and poem wouldn't be as exciting.
  • I had that dream one night after a long session of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I guess my brain was a bit too influenced by that game.