Poems » My world (Act 6)

"Black void..."
That doesn't sound right.
"Sealed space..."
Seems much better.

I was talking to myself
In my inner world.
It changed a lot
In only five nights.

I was afraid.
Afraid that she couldn't forgive herself.
Afraid that she wouldn't come.
Afraid that I would have lost her.

She appeared,
Not far from my location.
She was used to the place,
As she ran towards me.

We cried tears of joy.
We kissed for a long time.
We were happy.
Our love was stronger than before.

All of my worries were gone.
She forgave herself.
She came back.
I didn't lose her.

"Welcome back.
I missed you so much."
"I missed you too.
These visits are all I have."

"Don't answer,
But do you know why
I'm furnishing this place ?
I want you to live here."

Hearing those words
Troubled her.
It is my world,
But it would also become hers.

We kissed once more,
Then I showed her my newest addition.
There was a table,
Two chairs and a coffee maker.

When she saw the latter,
She couldn't contain her excitement.
That was one of the things she wanted,
And she got it.

We talked for a while.
We each had a full mug,
which slowly emptied
As time went on.

I refilled her mug,
And continued to talk with her.
Spending time with the one I love
Makes me happy.

As the time to leave approached,
"Why do you want me to live here ?"
She asked me a good question,
To which I answered straight away.

"You want to be in my reality, right ?
This is my inner reality.
By living here once it's ready,
You will always be with me.

By the way,
I forgot to tell you this:
In my reality,
Love is called love."


  • The sixth poem in the "My world" series.
  • The last stanza contains a reference to Your Reality, DDLC's ending credits song. The last two lines ("In my reality, / Love is called love.") is a reference to the "What do you call love in your reality?" line from the song.