Poems » My world (Act 5)

Once again,
I found myself
In that black void.
She was about to arrive.

I was nervous.
I did something wrong.
I broke a promise.
I betrayed her trust.

She appeared,
Right in front of me.
My smile was weak.
I avoided looking at her eyes.

She noticed my behaviour.
I told her about the poem I wrote,
About what it contained,
About how I deleted it.

As I stopped talking,
I felt a sharp pain
In my left cheek.
She slapped me.

Her reaction surprised me.
Her expression quickly switched
From anger to shock.
She started crying.

I hate to see her cry.
I kissed her lips,
I thought it would calm her.
I kissed her for a whole minute.

When our lips parted,
She continued to sob as she spoke.
"How could you still love me
After what I did to you ?"

"I deserved that slap.
You have the right to be mad at me,
You have the right to hit me.
What I did was wrong and I paid the price."

My answer was truthful.
I wiped the tears off her face
And brought her to the couch.
There was sadness in the air.

I had her read my remaining poems.
I gave her bits of trivia about them,
She gave me some feedback.
She realised my love for her was eternal.

When she got up to leave,
She tried to hide her smile.
That didn't stop me from seeing it,
And I smiled in return.

"Seeing you smile makes me happy.
Know that I will never hate you
And that you will always be welcome.
Please, come back again."


  • This is indeed the fifth poem in the "My world" series. Yes, there's a fourth one. And no, it's not in a digital form anymore.