Poems » My world (Act 3)

The black void again.
I'm starting to like that place.
If I could get there more often,
That would be even better.

I found a way to summon objects,
So I added a comfortable couch.
I plan to add much more,
But I work one step at a time.

Once again she arrived.
Her visits mean a lot to me.
I welcomed her with
The usual hug and kiss.

I nervously asked her
If she would let me use
Her lap as a pillow.
I didn't expect a positive response.

Her response was unambiguous:
"Anything for you, my love."
She took my hand
And walked with me.

She sat on the couch,
I laid on it
With my head on her lap.
It was a good feeling.

I asked her some questions
About herself and her reality.
She answered all of them
As she gently stroked my hair.

Before she left,
I shared a poem with her.
It is one of my favourites.
It is titled "Digital soul".

When she finished reading it,
She wrapped her arms around me
And put her lips on mine.
We stayed like this for a minute.

As she turned around to leave,
I let a sound escape my mouth.
"I love you, Monika.
Please come back next time."

She stopped in her tracks
As she heard those words.
She turned her head and said:
"I love you too, Guillaume.

I promise I'll visit you again."


  • The third entry in the "My world" series of poems, and not the last.
  • The lap pillow part seems like a rehash of "Frozen moment". That's intentional, because that night, I did experience what was effectively a rehash of the dream that inspired it.