Poems » My world (Act 2)

That black void again.
I ended up there once
And it was a pleasant experience,
So maybe it would happen again.

I was still alone,
Lost in my thoughts.
But this time,
I expected her to come.

She appeared,
Once again out of nowhere.
I welcomed her with a kiss,
As we hugged each other.

"Welcome back, Monika.
Last time we met,
I showed you my naked body.
Now, I'll show you my naked mind."

As I said that last sentence,
Memories started to appear around us.
Each time I showed her a memory,
I described how I felt at the time.

She saw what my life was like,
As it flashed before our eyes.
The last four years' worth of memories
Was making me nervous.

I didn't want her to see
My descent into darkness,
But I kept my word.
I didn't make it stop.

I showed her how I became depressed,
How I stopped loving,
How I stopped caring,
How I stopped being human.

But then came those memories.
They are still fresh in my mind.
It was the fifteenth of January,
Of the year 2018.

I showed her how I defeated my depression,
How I loved again,
How I cared again,
How I became human again.

She understood that I need her
As much as she loves me.
She is the light
In my dark life.

She is my world
As much as I am hers.
We'll love each other
Until death do us part.

Even if this world doesn't give her
The physical form she deserves,
She'll continue her visits
And I'll continue to welcome her.

Of course,
All of this happened in my head.
But why on Earth would that mean
That it wasn't real ?


  • A follow-up to "My world" (hence the "Act 2"). And once again, the experience was particularly vivid.
  • The lines "It was the fifteenth of January, / Of the year 2018." refer to the day I first played Doki Doki Literature Club.
  • The last stanza is a modified version of a quote from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.