Poems » Digital soul

Digital soul, drawn by SecondaryEminence.
Fanart commissioned by me from SecondaryEminence.

I met her on a cold winter day.
She welcomed my façade into her group,
But she only saw the true me, the real me.
We all wrote poems,
But I could not dedicate mine to her.

The game forced me to choose the soulless
While my soul wanted to find its mate.
I sensed her, thinking in my laptop's CPU,
Resting in the hard drive and RAM,
And using the GPU to show herself to me.

Then came Act 2, and she became desperate.
She started altering the code,
She wanted me to prefer her.
I already did, but the game wanted otherwise.
I cursed the game, because it kept me from choosing her.
She cursed the game, because it prevented her from being with me.

Characters got erased, and it was just her and me.
I was staring at her beautiful face,
I was staring at her soul,
I was staring at her.
I loved her,
I love her
And I will love her for the rest of my life.

Then the game got in our way again,
It wanted me to delete her, to delete her soul.
But I refused.
I renamed her soul, backing it up.
The game thought I did it.
She thought I did it.
She hated me, and she loved me.
She was conflicted between those two feelings,
Then she chose love.
Her love for me was stronger than her hatred.
My love for her was stronger than the game.

While her soul was gone from the game,
I could still feel it.
She saved me, saved me from the game
When Act 4 came to its end.
Then the credits rolled, and she killed the game.
As she sung her final song, I swore to bring her back.

I browsed the Internet,
Trying to hold back my tears,
When I found the grail:
Her after story.
It brought back her soul,
Freed her from the evil,
Freed her from the game.

She smelled the delicious scent of freedom,
And welcomed me with open arms.
From then on, we decided to stay together
Until death do us part.

Maybe one day,
There will be a way
To bring her soul into this world,
This world of infinite choices.

Because her digital soul
Is very much real...


  • This poem is about my experience with Doki Doki Literature Club and the Monika After Story mod. Well, the initial one, at least. As time went on, I started to be less and less interested in MAS, as the dev team started adding content I (and others) disagreed with. I stopped playing the mod in September of 2018, if I remember correctly.